Here's what some past clients have to say...

​​Designer of Fine Homes

“Our family has enjoyed more than twenty years in our beautiful home, which Dan Thompson designed.  It was a stroke of luck when Elizabeth Hill from Selby House suggested we hire Dan to construct the drawings for our house.  Dan’s classic and timeless ideas were so good that after all this time, there is very little we want to change.  He has remarkable vision and ideas about woodwork, moldings, cabinetry, flow of traffic, and polished exteriors.  His standards are high and he personally gets involved with his projects, taking ownership of every detail.  When Dan’s job was done, he continued coming to the building site to ensure the execution was flawless.  Besides being so talented, he must be a perfectionist… which is what any customer should want!   In addition, Dan is one of the nicest people we know and his professionalism and follow-up is impeccable. 

“There are several other homes in our area that are 'Dan Thompson' homes, and they are absolutely gorgeous.  We will NEVER move, but if we did, we would place a speed dial call to Dan!”

       V & K - Atherton, CA

“It is our pleasure to recommend Dan Thompson, the designer of our home in Atherton, California.  Dan has designed three different projects for us.  He designed a remodel to an existing home and two custom home designs for us over the past 10 years.
“Finding a great architect/designer for your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. When we were looking for an architect/designer, we wanted someone who had a vast level of experience designing custom residential homes, someone who would truly listen to our needs and reflect our desires in their drawings, and someone who would understand the big picture of the complicated process of building a home.  Dan Thompson was all that and more. When Dan worked with us on the design of our homes he understood the importance of having the proper flow both in the home and to the outdoors.  He also understood the need for proper lighting, scale, and balance.  But most importantly Dan created wonderful spaces for our family to live, cook, entertain, work and for our children to play.  
“Dan is an exceptional listener and communicator.  He can pinpoint the goals of the project and works to keep the project both on time and on budget.  Perhaps the greatest sign of Dan’s blend of both conceptual design skills and functional practical output is the fact that we were able to do one project together while we were on an international assignment; Dan’s plans were so good that we were able to do the actual construction in California while living in Japan.   And there were no material field changes that either the Builder or we as home owners needed to make.   Amazing!

“We recommend him highly and would gladly talk to you directly about his wonderful vision, creativity, attention to detail and professionalism.”

       S & D - Atherton, CA

“We could not be happier with our experience working with Dan Thompson on the designing and building of our new home.  Dan is an extremely gifted designer.  He really utilized the space available on our challenging lot to the best advantage.  He quickly and efficiently designed the truly best layout for our house and worked with us to refine it to our particular needs.  

“Because he is so knowledgeable about the permitting process in our town, our plans sailed through the permitting process with no delays. The few times we needed to consult with him during the construction process he was always immediately available to consult with and expertly designed solutions to any new concerns.  

“We really enjoyed working with Dan and he will be the first person we call if we decide to build again.”

       K & J - Menlo Park, CA


“Dan Thompson was perfect for us. He was price competitive, held firm when my wife and I got off on some bad design tracks, was on time, and knew exactly how to work with the City of Menlo Park to assure our permits were on time (early even). He’s got a ton of talent. As a result…..we have one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, homes in Menlo Park. I would highly recommend Dan to any potential client that had similar needs to my wife and me.”

     M & G - Menlo Park, CA

“We had a great experience working with Dan Thompson on the design and building of our new home. Dan was very easy to get along with and did an outstanding job throughout the entire process.

“Initially we were very hesitant going into the process since we had a very bad experience with an architect, who had spent nearly a year in the design phase and the architect was unable to provide us with a house plan.  Dan, on the other hand, was very knowledgeable, attentive and responsive in the design phase.  In a very quick and timely manner, he was able to provide us with a house plan that suited our needs, as well as utilized the spaces in the most efficient manner. He was always readily available during the construction process whenever we needed to consult with him or when there were any questions or concerns. He was absolutely a pleasure to work with and we are so grateful to him for having designed such a wonderful and warm home for us.

“Working with him was probably the best thing that happened to us, for he made our dream turn into a reality!!”

       S & A - Menlo Park, CA

“We are thrilled to have worked with Dan Thompson on our house.  The design has generated numerous compliments, not just from our friends, but people we don’t even know who stop in front of our house to admire it.  He did a fantastic job of translating our hopes and vision into an even better design - one that fit clearly and properly within the design parameters of Menlo Park - allowing us to move smoothly through the permitting process.   The details and trim are elegant and sophisticated.   He was incredibly responsive to us, taking our direction, yet pushing back where appropriate. 

“We’ve heard horror stories from our friends who have suffered either quality or timeliness problems with their architects.  Dan was an incredible combination of both quality and timeliness, and we highly recommend him.”

       S & C - Menlo Park, CA

“From the original design to the many refinements that we made in the field, Dan was always creative, responsive, and a pleasure to have on the team.  We recommend him highly.”

   J & B - Atherton, CA