•  Home Design and Planning
  • ​Interior and Exterior: Trim and  Finishes Detailing
  • ​Hardscape: Design and Planning
  • ​Landscape: Structures

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There are many aspects to the custom home design process, and you will want someone who can listen to your lifestyle needs and "I've always wanted..." wishes for your home and incorporate those into functional, yet very aesthetic, family living spaces, and someone who can and will keep you on track throughout the entire design process.  Dan Thompson, Inc. is expert in these areas.  Whether it be a preliminary design concept or full plans, Dan Thompson, Inc. can be retained to bring your new home project from idea to reality.  We can even be retained for design consultation on any aspect of your home design project.  

​Our office intentionally limits the number of projects done each year to ensure the proper level of attention is given to our clients and their home project.  This boutique-style of design allows us to create meaningful relationships with our clients that often continue long after the project timeline .  Dan is very proud to say that he can call clients from over 20 years ago and stop by for a coffee just to catch-up.

While focusing on quality over quantity, Dan Thompson has designed some of the most well-known homes in Menlo Park and Atherton, CA for a wide range of Silicon Valley celebrities, executives and their families.  Dan's designs are well known for their unmatched flow and feel, as well as for the capturing of natural light.  From authentic classic styles to more modern renditions, Dan designs homes that are loved by all who own one.


​​Designer of Fine Homes